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What should I do as I over fertilised all of my plants with dino fertiliser?

all my plants gone unhealthy, it got yellow/ brown leaves, flowers ( in hang basket and in pot) die off and gone. I thought i fertilise it so it can bloom better , as the neighbor house have flower blooming all the time, never die off, after i bought blooming flowers plant from shop/ Bunning's, it start dying after i plant it into my home soil. What should i do ? ( I water all plants once in 2-3 day)

General Advice • Physical Damage

Hi Bianca,

The product that you applied is not a Yates product. You might like to look on the packaging for the manufacturers contact details. I am sure if you give them a call, they will be able to assist you. However in reference to over fertilising, consider regular watering to reduce stress to the plants.



Answered: 19 Nov, 2014

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