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Why are the leaves on my fig tree turning brown?

I have a young fig tree(black genoa) in a pot and its leaves are turning brown as shown in the picture. about 70% of them are effected. what could be the cause of this and how can I make fix it?

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Hi Basto.

Thank you for sending the photo. I can see some scale on the mid rib of the leaves. This is a sap sucking insect so it should be removed as soon as you can. Scale is a tiny insect that lives under that coating and can easily be removed by simply rubbing it off the leaf. The yellow mottling on the top of the leaf could indicate rust. If you look underneath the leaf, it is likely you will see orange spores. These spores are easily dispersed by the wind so it is vital that you get this disease under control before all the leaves become infected. Removing these infected leaves when first noticed, will prevent further infection. Unfortunately there is no specfic fungicide that can be sprayed on fig trees. What you could do during the winter months when there is no fruit or foliage on the tree, is to spray the trunk and limbs of the tree with Lime Sulfur. This product will clean up any spores that tend to over-winter on the tree. Maintain the health of your tree by regular watering, applications of seaweed solutions and removal of pests and diseased leaves when first noticed.



Answered: 16 Jan, 2014

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