What is causing holes in my fig tree?

Fig tree trunk has holes and insects are crawling in (even though the tree is still producing fruit). The trunk looks unhealthy but is this rotten?


05 January 2014 10:37 AM

Hi Paula,

Holes in the trunk of your fig tree could indicate borer damage. Amazingly, trees can survive even if they are suffering with borer attack. Hopefully the borer attack isn't too severe. If any branches are dying back, you will need to prune them back to where there is 'green wood' to initiate new growth. The most important thing is to keep the tree as healthy as you possibly can. Water the tree regularly and apply some slow release fertiliser to encourage new growth. If the tree is happily producing fruit, it doesn't sound like all is lost. Keep the tree healthy and I am sure it will be able to survive.

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