Why do my rockmelons turn yellow and die when they reach the size of a pea

when my rockmelons reach the size of a pea,they go yellow and die .why


13 February 2012 11:36 PM

Hi Vincent,

Fruit set is affected by various factors including environmental stress, pollination, disease pressure and nutrient level. Extreme temperatures and sudden changes and low temperatures can cause fruit abortion. Lack of pollination can be due to lack of bees. Bees do no like to work in high, low temperatures or during cloudy, rainy weather and/or foggy mornings. You may have to hand pollinate the flowers if there are not many bees present. Ensure the plants have enough nutrients particularly potassium (K) so Liquid Potash can be added or Thrive Soluble Flower and Fruit which is high in potassium.

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