When is the best time to take blueberry cuttings?

I've just picked the last of the blueberries and would like to take some cuttings from the prunings. I've also cut down and mulched a conifer and was wondering if that would be suitable to mulch the blueberries with


05 February 2013 10:12 PM

Hi Jennie,

Blueberries are propagated from cuttings of last season's growth. Take cuttings in late winter when still dormant. Apply some striking powder to the cutting and insert the cutting into a mixture of coarse sand and peat moss. Keep moist until the new shoots start to appear in spring. Blueberries can be difficult to strike and as they are relatively inexpensive to purchase, by all means try propagating them, but if you are unsuccessful, new plants will always be available in your nursery around August/September.

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