When do I spray for leaf curl and brown rot on my peach tree

Hi, We have a mature Yellow Peach tree which had a significant crop this season but we lost some of the fruit to brown rot. The previous season we lost all fruit to brown rot so we have made progress but wonder if you can advise the best regimen for spraying to prevent both curly leaf and brown rot. The tree used to suffer cronically with curly leaf and we have had probably 90% success in controlling that issue. We have used both Yates Lime Sulfur and Liquid Copper but wonder what the timing should be to maximize efficiency and whether that is the right combination. Often instructions say to spray at "leaf fall" - does that mean when they start falling or when the tree is "naked". Thanks for your help.


07 May 2013 04:55 AM

Hi Janne,

I am glad you are successfully controlling the leaf curl on your peach tree. All we have to do now is to help you to control the brown rot that you are still experiencing. A winter spray of Lime Sulfur will clean up any of the spores that tend to over-winter on the branches and bark of the peach tree. A follow up spray of Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide when the buds are swelling will control brown rot as well as leaf curl. Liquid Copper has registration for the control of leaf curl on stonefruit. The term 'leaf fall' means when all the leaves from fallen from the tree and it is bare.

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