Why aren't my Proteas flowering?

Protea's Form Flowers But they do not open. Fertiliser issue or to wet? Or other? Thanks


01 September 2014 12:32 AM

Hi Greg,

It is difficult to know what is causing the problem with the flowers. Good drainage is important for growing proteas. The soil may have become too wet at some stage while the flowers were forming causing this to happen. Protea usually enjoy a sunny, free draining spot in which to grow well. You may need to investigate and sure that there is adequate moisture present and excess water is able to run off and not stay around the root system of the shrub. I am sure you would have given your plant a suitable fertiliser while it was growing. We would recommend a fertiliser such as Acticote for Native. This fertiliser will release the necessary nutrients your plant needs to thrive and do well. Perhaps next year your protea will perform well and give you an abundance of beautiful flowers.

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