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Why are my Wisteria leaves turning yellow and dropping off the plant

There were only a few flowers this year but plenty of leaves which have suddenly started to fall off. We have had quite a bit of rain so i have not been watering it that often could this be the problem?

Flowers and Ornamentals • Plants

Hi Judi,

Leaves yellowing and falling may indicate lack of moisture to the root system of the plant. Wisteria is a very hardy plant so I am sure with a little attention, you will be able to improve its health. We suggest using Yates Dynamic Lifter Liquid Concentrate . This product is designed to improve the health of plants during periods of stress. It will help to stimulate the roots of your wisteria and get it growing strongly again. You will find this product in any of the larger hardware stores.



Answered: 14 Oct, 2013

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