How do I get my frangipani climbing vine to flower

I Planted this frangipani climbing vine two years ago and it has floushished and is very healthy but hasn't flowered as yet do I need to feed it something to encourage growth of flowers?


06 July 2012 04:28 AM

Hi Margaret.

You are certainly in the right part of the world to be growing this beautiful climbing plant. If you have it growing in a warm, protected part of your garden, it should do well. Flowering is in summer so hopefully this summer it will do the right thing and flower for you. You might like to give it a fertiliser in spring that is high in potassium e.g. Yates Thrive Natural Roses & Flowers Pelletised Plant Food which will encourage it to flower. The vine is still quite young so perhaps it has been putting all its energy into producing new growth and developing a strong root system. The potassium in the fertiliser will ensure that your vine receives the right amount of potassium to produce good flowering. Hopefully this year your vine will give you lots of lovely flowers.

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