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Gardenia caring guide, watering, fertilizing and soil ph

Want to know about caring Gardenia magnifica - how often fertilize - how often watering ( I water 8 mins 2 times a week, during hot temperature, I turn on small misting jet for a minute from 1pm to 5 pm, one hour apart) I am afraid that I am overwatering. Coz some leaves start yellowing and my plants getting afternoon sun. Not sure it is correct way to do.

Flowers and Ornamentals • Plants

Gardenias are hungry plants, so require regular fertilising - every spring, summer and autumn.

They do best in morning sun or dappled light all day - the afternoon sun is too strong for Gardenia magnifica so consider shading it during summer or moving it to a shadier spot.

Water it well, once per week.  Increase to twice per week in very hot weather.



Answered: 11 Nov, 2020

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