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Can you please provide some advice on Evergreen Ash to be planted near a pool and fence?

Could you please let me know the following- 1. Do evergreen ash have invasive roots? 2. What is the maximun height & width they grow to? 3. How far apart should I plant them so I get a dense screening effect? 4. Do they need as much maintenance as say Murraya hedge? I am thinking of planting evergreen ash as a dense screening hedge near a pool & a fence so I can block out the rusty roof on a neighbours house. Thanks for your time, Michelle

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Hi Michele,

I probably wouldn't plant a evergreen Ash in this garden situation,they may get too invasive for the area, look for something like pittosprum tenuifolium which will like a rich but well drained soil. Check out your local nursery which may have some other solutions. Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Silver Sheen' - Is a small tree that has a columnar shape becoming oval with age. This tree has small glossy green leaves with a touch of silver to them. Its extremely bushy growth makes it an ideal selection for hedges.
Fantastic for screening. A brilliant screening tree that works well as either a formal or informal hedge. Responds well to pruning and shaping.



Answered: 2 Oct, 2013

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