Why are the leaves on my hoya turning yellow

I have a large hoya in a water well pot on a south facing verandah and some of the leaves are turning yellow. It's climbing on a trellis on the open east end of the verandah and flowered well last year. I've been away for a while so has been neglected - please help as I don't want to loose it. It's part of my household! Does it need iron chelate?


10 August 2014 09:05 AM

Hoyas prefer to grow in a warm and sheltered environment. They dislike the cold so if they have encountered low temperatures and windy conditions in your area over the winter period - they will sulk and yellow. Using a water well pot is a good idea in summer but if you intend to leave the hoya in situ, it is advisable to keep your plant on the dry side over winter. I wouldn't recommend using iron chelates - apply some diluted seaweed extract instead then, when the weather warms up, apply half strength Thrive Roses and Flowers Liquid Plant Food, every fortnight. They don't need iron chelates
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