What care should I give my frangipani in Winter?

We live at St Clair (near Penrith)where Winter can reach the minuses. Leaves fell off our plant, branches turned black and had to be cut back. Green leaves returned but no flowers. It would now be about 2yo and 60cm tall.


04 May 2015 03:58 AM

Frangipani's add a fantastic scent to the garden. It sounds like your frangipani suffered from frost damage. You've done the right thing by cutting them back but flowers only form on end of 2 year old branches so you might have to wait for it to start producing flowers again. You will need to try and protect you plant from frost. Depending on how large your plant is the best way is to construct a frame around your plant and cover it with geotextile (or any cloth really) covering the top of the sides as well. This might protect your plant from frost. Fertilise in spring with Dynamic Lifter to get off to a good start.

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