Why do my geraniums and hibiscus have holes in their leaves?

My geraniums in pots and hibiscus in the ground have holes in the leaves. Is it possibly budworm in the geranium and could that be spreading to the hibiscus? What is the best fertiliser for both of these plants and how often should they be fertilised? Is it best not to water the geraniums too much?


10 August 2014 09:05 AM

Your hibiscus may be attacked by the same caterpillar infesting your geraniums but the damage could also be the work of the metallic flea beetle. Yates Thrive Natural Roses & Flowers Pelletised Plant Food. It's enriched with Dynamic Lifter and has added nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to give your flowering plants the right balance of nutrients for their growing needs. With regard to watering geraniums, water plants less during the cooler months of the year then increase the rate as temperatures rise.

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