What is the sap coming out of my Japanese Maple?

Hi, we have a Japanese maple tree that drizzle sticky sap. What can we do about it? Thanks!


26 September 2012 09:21 AM

Hi Yoko,

It does sound like your Japanese maple may have a borer. You don't mention the size of your tree. If it is a large tree you may need to contact an Aborist will be able to look at the tree and assess what needs to be done. The larvae of the longicorn beetle is what does the damage. This larvae tunnels in an area just under the bark, in the cambial region. This area contains the cells in which the water and nutrients are moved around the plant. If the tunnels are extensive this will damage the tree and it may die. As they tunnel, quite often a sawdust type of material is noticed. A gummy substance will also be noticed. Trees are able to survive from borer attack - the main thing is to keep the tree healthy. You can improve the health of the tree by watering and fertilising. Should you find that the tree is deteriorating, it may be best to look for professional tree care.

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