What can you treat leaf curl on Hibiscus trees?

I cut this plant back not long ago and as the flower buds come on, they are not opening properly. It is an Hawaiin Hibiscus.


21 January 2019 09:24 PM

Dear Donna,

Yates Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide Spray will control various types of fungus. It is more likely that the reason for the leaf curling on your hibiscus is from the hibiscus beetle or the metalic flea beetle. The beetles are active during flowering periods and can produce many generations each year. The beetles don't enjoy the brighter coloured flowers, preferring the pale colours or white flowers. If found, remove the flowers from the tree and dispose of them. Give the hibiscus a regular feed with Thrive Natural Roses & Flowers Pelletised Plant Food to assist with future flower production and reduce the overall stress on the plant. Make sure that your hibiscus is well watered and apply a well balanced fertiliser that will give your plant all the nutrients it needs to produce good strong growth and healthy flowers.

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