What are these yellow spots on my birds of paradise leaves?

I had a recent mealy bug infestation but have gotten rid of them by wiping them down and spraying them with organic diluted dishwashing soap. Live in a tropical climate with plant getting plenty south sun.


19 January 2021 11:50 AM

Hi Tim, 

Thank you for contacting Yates. 

Looks like the yellow spots are caused by sap-sucking insects potentially the mealybugs. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do to help the existing damage, but the new growth should be all right. Try 'Yates Dynamic Lifter Liquid Concentrate' as a gentle fertiliser and soil improver. It's certified for use in organic gardens, and contains seaweed, blood&bone and fish meal to help developing new roots and restoring healthy growth. Click here for more info on this product: https://www.yates.com.au/product/garden-fertilisers/certified-organics/yates-dynamic-lifter-liquid

Hope this helps and happy gardening :)

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