Gardenia not blooming

I have a couple of gardenia bushes that do not bloom. Last year I pruned them after one bush produced one flower.
This year I have been using fertiliser and the bush I pruned seems to have more buds (see photo) but no flowers yet. Is this a normal process? Do the buds take this long to open up? The noticed the buds early spring and they seem to have gotten bigger - see attached photo, you may need to zoom into see the buds (I assume these are the flower buds).
I have also noticed ants and ?scale on the tree and have been spraying weekly to keep them away/under control.

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22 October 2021 04:00 PM

The buds on gardenia shrubs can take a while to open.  They are typically flowering around November/December each year in Australia.
After the gardenias finish flowering, we recommend giving them a trim all over.  This will encourage new growth and get them looking beautiful for the next year.
Your shrub looks very healthy and green!  Gardenias are hungry plants, so regular fertilising is key.  The buds are very large and will be beautiful when they open.  A little bit of patience and they will be fine.
To treat the ants and scale, please apply 'Yates Nature's Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray (Pyrethrum Plus Oil Pest Spray)'. Controls a wide variety on insects pests on many edibles and ornamentals.  
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