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Why are the leaves of my hibiscus turning yellow?

I have yellow leaves on all of my hibiscus

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Hi Kristine,

Yellow leaves on your hibiscus could indicate nutrient deficiency. If you have not already done so, feed your hibiscus with a fertiliser suitable for flowering shrubs. We would recommend Acticote+Instant Booster for Fruit, Citrus, Trees & Shrubs. This is a slow release fertiliser that will release nutrients over a 12 month period. Yates Dynamic Lifter is a complete fertiliser which is rich is nitrogen for healthy green lush foliage with balanced phosphorus and potassium for strong root growth and beautiful flowers. Dynamic Lifter for Roses is an organic based plant food suitable for roses as well as all flowering plants, You can apply any of these fertilisers now and I am sure the foliage on your hibiscus will soon green up as well as giving you lots of beautiful flowers for the coming summer months.



Answered: 9 Nov, 2011

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