Why are my gardenia buds not opening up fully and the ends of the petals are brown?

My gardenia buds are not opening up fully and the end of the petal is brown.


11 November 2013 02:23 AM

Hi Pamela,

Gardenia's are best grown in a warm protected environment protected from hot afternoon sun. Morning sun is the best position. They also require good drainage and soil enriched with organic matter and compost. When watering make sure the the water doesn't stay on the unopened flower buds as the hot sun could burn them. Try and water around the root systme and under the foliage. Applying a mulch around the plant will help to keep in the moisture. Gardenias are also heavy feeders so apply a slow release fertiliser such as Acticote or Dynamic Lifter to keep the plants healthy. I am sure your plants will will continue to produce some beautiful blooms for you during the swummer months.

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