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When is the best time to prune gardenias and camellias?

I have some Gardenias along a brick wall that I want train into a low hedge. When is the best time to prune and can they be pruned heavily? I also want to prune a Camellia. Again when is the best time to prune and how heavy? Claude

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Dear Klaus,

The correct time to prune your gardenias and camellia is after they have finished flowering. Your gardenias will be flowering right through the summer months so avoid pruning now as you will cut off all the flower buds. Wait until the end of summer and prune the bush to shape. It is not necessary to give your gardenias a hard prune. It is better to prune lightly so as to keep the bush in a good tidy shape. Depending upon the type of camellia you have in your garden, camellia sasanqua will be setting buds now for flowering in autumn. You can prune after the tree has finished flowering. Camellia japonica will flower in winter/spring so a light prune after the flowers have finished will keep the bush in a tidy shape. Trust you will enjoy growing these beautiful garden specimens.



Answered: 10 Oct, 2011

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