What is wrong with my gardenia

I am just wondering if the soil is lacking in something or has the plant some sort of disease


04 November 2013 07:46 AM

Hi Narelle

It may be that the plant is not receiving enough moisture, particularly as we have been experiencing hot weather with minimal rainfall, and this could the the cause of buds truning black. Check the soil around your plant to see that there is enough moisture and if you haven't already done so, apply a mulch which will help to keep in this moisture. Your gardenia will continue to produce flowers right through autumn so make sure you apply a well balanced fertiliser that will give the plant the necessary nutrients it will need to produce those flowers. You could also apply Sulphate of Potash once a month which will improve the quantity and quality of flowers. Also regular applications of Nature's Way Seaweed Booster will act as a tonic. This product supplies natural growth stimulants and minerals that encourages healthy flowering and enhances recovery in stress conditions. You can apply the Seaweed Booster on a regular basis every 2-4 weeks. Hopefully, with all this care your gardenia will be producing lots of glorious perfumed flowers.

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