What is the best soil for Gardenia bushes?

the leafs on my brush are going yellow with black spots,lots of bubs but they did not open


14 October 2013 07:20 AM

Hi Donna,

Gardenias like to grown in a warm, semi-shaded spot in your garden with a slightly acid soil. Before planting out, add lots of compost to the soil which will improve the structure and drainage of your soil. Gardenias are heavy feeder, so be sure to feed your gardenia in spring and then again at the end of summer with a slow release fertiliser such as Yates Acticote+Instant Booster for Roses and Flowering Plants. To give your gardenia a boost now and to encourage new, green foliage, regularly fertilise your gardenia with another Yates product called Dynamic lifter liquid fertiliser. Keep the soil moist and well mulched during the hot summer months to conserve moisture and ensure the roots are kept cool. Now that the weather is warming up, I am sure your gardenia will be a lot happier and will start to produce lots of green new growth and beautifully perfumed flowers.

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