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Why is my pandorea jasminoides dying?

One of these is about a year old and was happy in the ground until recently when the leaves started to turn brown and it's now almost dead. The other one is about 2 years old and was put in the ground from a pot about 4 months ago. It was happy until the last few weeks and now it seems to be doing the same thing. Purplish leaves that will turn brown then die. What can I do to save this taller one?

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Hi Wendy,

It is difficult to know what has caused one your pandoreas to die and for the other to be now looking so poorly. It might be wise to lift the existing pandorea and re-locate it before it worsens. Perhaps the drainage is poor, restricting air movement around the roots of the plant. You could also check the pH of the soil for its suitability. You would want a pH of between 6 - 7. If a plant is not responding to the conditions it is growing in, you really don't have any alternative but to move it to a position of its liking. I am sure with a little TLC, your pandorea will survive.



Answered: 10 Aug, 2014

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