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Why are the leaves on my Pittosporum trees turning yellow and spreading up the hedge

We noticed over winter the area in which they are was very wet for the winter months. The area has dried out in spring but the leaves have started to turn yellow from bottom spreading up and to the rest of the hedge. We have over 50 trees in the hedge but not all of the trees are in the wet prone area, but now most of the trees have the same problem.

Flowers and Ornamentals • Diseases

Hi Marija,

Sorry to hear that your Pittosporum hedge is doing so poorly especially as you have over 50 plants forming the hedge. Pittosporums do prefer a well drained soil so perhaps their root system over the wet winter months has become saturated and you are seeing the signs now with the yellowing of their leaves. Yates do have a product called AntiRot. This is a systemic fungicide that will control problems such as root rot in ornamental plants. When sprayed onto the leaves it is absorbed and it then travels down to the root system. It has the ability to boost the plant's self defence mechanisms preventing disease from taking hold as well as helping to cure disease that already exists. It would be worthwhile spraying your trees just in case root rot is a possibility. Good luck



Answered: 12 Nov, 2012

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