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Why are my hibiscus and grevillia turning yellow and wilting?

Both of these are mature shrubs and were doing so well, in full flower and suddenly both looking very ill. Both are fed their proper food. I'm gutted! What can I do to save them?

Flowers and Ornamentals • Diseases

Hi Ruth,

Sorry to hear that both your hibiscus and grevillea are not doing well. There is always a reason why plants die so I guess it is a matter at looking at what could be the cause. Has there been a change in how much water the plants have been receiving? Could drainage be a problem - either the plants have become waterlogged or not enough moisture around the root system of the plants. Are there any pests attacking the plants. You say both plants have been fertilised - has the fertiliser been over-applied. Have you experienced periods of extreme weather lately and the plants have gone into shock? Hibiscus are long living plants so once you have looked at all the possibilities, I am sure you will be able to save it. Grevilleas are not so long living, so you might be wise to remove it and replant with a new variety. Yates have a product called Yates Dynamic Lifter Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser. This product can be applied to stressed plants to help them recover. It would certainly be worthwhile applying this product to give your plants a chance of recovering. I wish you luck.



Answered: 26 Jan, 2014

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