What can I do with my gerberas as they're going brown?

Hi, we have four gerbera plants in the front garden which have been doing well until the recent hot spell we had a few months back and they haven't quite bounced back. They do cop a lot of sun. The tips of the leaves have gone brown and crusty and looks like it is slowly moving down each leaf. I thought maybe it was heat stress so i have put them on retic so they get regular water but it hasn't done much, i have also put sugar cane mulch around each plant so the soil doesn't dry out. Not sure what is wrong with them!!


17 April 2012 03:32 AM

Hi Tammy,

It would appear to be a leaf spot disease and at this time of year the best option is to remove all the affected leaves and place in the rubbish (not compost). If possible try to water around the plant rather than over the top to help reduce the incidence of disease. The mulch will also help hold more moisture in the soil. Watering early in the morning will also help reduce the humidity around the plant. If the plants dried out due to lack of water then the leaves will become quite 'crunchy' and this is usually worse at the tips of the leaves.

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