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How do I treat brown patches on my nodding violet?

Had the most beautiful nodding violet but divided it to give to friends, replanted in African violet soil, have sprayed with mancozeb plus, fed with African violet fertilizer but plant still unhealthy, can you give me some help. I did plant into hanging baskets but 2 I planted into small plastic pots so now I need some help please (wish I had never divided).

Flowers and Ornamentals • Diseases

Hi Ann,

I know how disappointed you must feel as all you were trying to do was to share your beautiful plants with your friends. It does sound like a fungal problem and I think it has just been bad luck that this has happened. I would continue to spray the Mancozeb Plus until the situation improves. Be careful not to keep the mix too moist and thoroughly spray the foliage to ensure all the leaf surface is covered so that fungal spores can't enter. Cease fertilising at the moment to give the plants a chance to recover. I wish you good luck.



Answered: 10 Aug, 2013

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