Hi what fertlizer is best for the Chinese star Jasmine

four Chinese star Jasmine pot plants approx 3 ft tall (each) looked great in the garden shop, now starting to wither two weeks on. plants in full sun, water (damp) rather than wet, have not at this stage transferred in to the ground still in pot plants. thanks


06 January 2019 09:21 AM

Hi Ray,

It is a little difficult to know why your plants are starting to wither now two weeks later. In the nursery the plants would have been used to being water every day as they are potted plants. If you haven't watered them every day, I would make sure that you do that until you have had a chance to put them into the ground. You could also mix up a solution of seaweed extract and apply to each plant. This product will help to improve plant survival and enhances recovery in stress conditions. When you do transplant the plants, water in with a seaweed solution and continue to do so every 2-4 weeks until the plants have established.

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