Pr Tn Lawn Carpet Grass Very Closeup

Carpet grass is a creeping, perennial, warm season grass. It has wide leaves with blunt, rounded tips and forms a dense mat which crowds out most other species. Carpet grass is best suited to Sub Tropical/Tropical regions and will thrive in low fertility areas, making it ideal for parks, roadsides, and Golf Course roughs.

About Carpet Grass Varieties

Carpet grass has become naturalised in southern Queensland (where it is often called mat grass) and coastal New South Wales.

It is a vigorous grass, spreading by stolons to form a hard-wearing, weed-resistant but rather coarse-textured lawn. Like other warm-season grasses it is dormant in winter.

It tolerates shade fairly well and does not become as spongy as buffalo or kikuyu. Generally, carpet grass is suited to warm coastal and subtropical climates. Carpet grass seed is sometimes available but it is usually established from runners.

Carpet grass comes in two forms: narrow leaf carpet grass, which is found in subtropical and temperate climates; and broadleaf carpet grass, which is a related species widely used for lawns in tropical regions, including northern Queensland and Darwin. It is not  tolerant to Buffalo herbicides containing Bromoxynil.

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