Do you have a favourite deciduous shrub or vine growing in your garden that you would like to clone? Well, this winter, try your hand at taking some hardwood cuttings. It’s easier than you think! Hardwood cuttings is the technical sounding term for taking pieces of stems from plants like hydrangeas, wisteria and grapevines during winter and encouraging them to grow their own roots.

  • Choose leafless stems around 0.75–1cm thick and cut off 15–18cm long pieces.
  • The top cut should be just above a node (the bud where the new leaves develop) and the bottom cut just below a node. Make a slanted cut at the top so you can remember which way is up.
  • Dip the bottom ends of the cuttings into Yates® Clonex® Red Rooting Hormone Gel. Clonex Red contains a concentrated plant hormone that helps promote root development as well as helping to seal and protect the cutting.
  • Insert the dipped ends of the cuttings into pots filled with Yates Seed Raising Mix and keep moist in a cool, sheltered, well-lit position until they form roots in a few months time. » Once roots are well established and new foliage has grown, individual cuttings can be transplanted into small pots to grow until they are big enough to be planted out into the garden.

Extra winter gardening tips:

  • Top up mulch around flower and shrub beds to protect the top soil and add a finishing touch to the look of your garden.
  • Don’t let weeds sneak up on you during the cooler weather. Get weeds under control with careful spot sprays of Yates Nature's Way® Organic Weed Killer.
  • It’s time to plant deciduous trees, climbers and shrubs, while they’re leafless and dormant, including fruit trees like apples, pears, peaches and nectarines, maples, crab apples, hydrangeas and wisteria.

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