Winter Gardening Tips

Winter Gardening Tips

Winter is filled with gardening delights, from heavenly hellebores, delicious home grown vegies and lush indoor plants to juicy mandarins, colourful flowers to sow and grow, creating a beautiful weed free lawn and grevilleas to bring the birds and bees into your garden. So, rug up and enjoy some wonderful winter gardening.

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Winter Gardening Essentials

The coolest months are an opportunity to tackle some important gardening jobs and give the garden a thorough tidy up after a busy growing season. It will also help make your garden a lot happier and healthier come spring. So grab your beanie, a warm jacket and get started!

Moth Orchids

Moth orchids are among the easiest of orchids to grow and are perfect for the beginner.

Tempting Roses

Clever rose breeders work tirelessly to introduce gorgeous new varieties to delight and captivate gardeners. This winter look for some stunning new roses available in garden centres and online.

Cultivate Inner Peace

A combination of lush indoor plants and soothing paint colours can transform an interior space into a calm haven.

Bindii Prickle Prevention

Broadleaf lawn weeds can grow at a rapid pace during winter and bindii plants will be maturing and starting to flower and set seed. You can control the most common broadleaf weeds in lawns, before they take over!

Birds Nest Fern

The Birds Nest Fern (Asplenium australasicum) is a stunning feature plant that is regularly seen in the shaded Australian garden

The Art Of Bonsai

The ancient art of bonsai has been traced back to the sixth century, when wealthy Japanese would decorate their homes with these miniature trees.