How to Grow Grass from Lawn Seed & Choose the Right Type

Growing grass from seeds is one of the most economical ways to grow a lawn at home. From a small box of seed you can typically sow a new lawn up to 50 metres square* or more! The trick to growing a successful lawn from seed is in preparation and care. It’s also important to sow at the right time and this will help lawn seed grow quickly and establish faster.

Early autumn or spring are ideal times to grow a lawn from seed. Most lawn seeds germinate within 7 days, but this can take longer depending on the seed type and climatic conditions. With the right care, the lawn should be established within 12 weeks. While you won’t have an instant lawn like you would with rolled turf, the cost to turf the same sized area would be significantly higher than it would be with seed.

*This is dependent on the size and volume of the product. Please refer to product label for full details on coverage.

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