What's on this month?

  • The Hunter Valley Gardens in Pokolbin NSW have their dazzling Christmas Lights display running until January 26th. See the Southern Hemisphere’s largest lights display, all within a spectacular garden setting. For more information visit www.huntervalleygardens.com.au
  • Take a ‘Behind the Scenes Sensory Tour’ at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, where you’ll visit their historic glasshouses, see tropical plant treasures and have the opportunity to see, touch, smell and even taste some of their unique plant collection. Tours run every Tuesday and Friday. For information and bookings visit  https://www.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au/whatson/behind-the-scenes-sensory-tour

January Gardening

The sweeter lemon

Lemonade lemons produce fruit that is much sweeter and don’t have the intense sourness of most other lemons. Lemonade lemon trees are great for backyards as they don’t get much taller than 2.5 m and produce lots of round golden yellow fruit so why not plant one this summer!


There’s nothing like fresh home grown herbs to add flavour, colour and pizazz to your cooking. Chives are a great perennial herb to have on hand throughout the year.

Grow a butterfly garden

It’s wonderful to watch butterflies fluttering around the garden and great for kids to understand the lifecycle of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

Giant silverbeet

Silverbeet, sometimes known as chard, contains lots of vitamins and minerals, is a good source of fibre and is low in calories. Grow some today!

Organic mite control

Mites love hot dry conditions so are very common during summer, where the life cycle from egg to adult can take as little as 5 days. Control mites organically with Yates Nature’s Way® Vegie & Herb Spray.


Sedums are fantastic succulents that are low maintenance, drought hardy and provide interesting year round foliage colour.

Hedge with an edge

There’s nothing quite like a nicely clipped hedge, creating lovely formal lines within a garden, separating larger garden spaces into ‘rooms’ or providing a great backdrop for smaller plants.