Autumn Gardening Tips

Autumn Gardening Tips

After a long hot summer, we welcome Autumn’s cooler temperatures. Rejuvenate your soil, sow and grow a wonderful new season of vegetables and flowers, enjoy beautiful autumn foliage colours and fill your garden with bird attracting native plants.


Autumn Lawn Ground Control

Did your lawn cop a beating this summer? Don't despair, now is the time to restore 'lawn and order' and get it looking as good as new.

Time To Think Spring Bulbs

Whatever your favourite spring flowering bulb is, it’s time to start planning and planting! A little preparation now will result in much healthier bulbs and a gorgeous floral show.

Transform your outdoor spaces

We all love spending time in our ‘outdoor rooms’ like decks, verandas and patios. It’s easy to jazz up these spaces with a few potted plants. Here are a few ideas to transform your outdoor spaces.


Sweet Pea

Sweet Peas have a fragile, seductive fragrance, they make great flowers for gardens and bouquets.

Yates Dynamic Lifter

Improve your garden soil before planting and maintain its health all year round with Yates Dynamic Lifter, an organic garden soil improver and plant fertiliser.


There's nothing like a camellia for adding cheer to the garden, they grow in quite shady spots & can bring color to dull parts of the garden.

Autumn Organic Gardening

Organic gardeners can create a healthy and productive garden with a few simple tips and products from Yates.



Cumquats are known for their very tart citrus flavour and are most commonly used in jams, marmaldes and preserves. Many people also enjoy eating cumquats whole, including the fragrant skin, which can be sweeter than the flesh itself.

Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss Cheese Plant, Fruit Salad or Elephant Ears; this gorgeous plant (Monstera deliciosa) would make a stunning addition to any room.

Make A Gift For Mum

Creating a special, personalised growing gift for Mother’s Day is easy and will bring mum months of beautiful colour or edible delights (they’ll certainly last longer than flowers and choccies!).

Strawberry Alpine

This low growing, compact, runnerless variety produces sweet and fragrant small strawberries.