Get a head start on lawn weeds

Clover is a vigorous lawn weed and during winter, as lawn growth slows, clover can start to take over. Clover competes with the lawn for moisture and nutrients and can also shade the grass as it starts to grow tall and lush. You can end up with more clover than lawn! To help keep clover at bay and preserve the health of your lawn, it’s time for some winter clover control.

If you have a couch or a kikuyu lawn, Yates Weed’n’Feed is a quick and easy hose-on solution for controlling broadleaf weeds like clover. Alternatively, you can dilute Yates Bindii & Clover Weeder concentrate in a watering can or sprayer, which is handy when treating small lawn areas or patches of clover.

If you have a buffalo lawn, use Yates Buffalo PRO Weed’n’Feed, which has been specially designed to be safe for buffalo lawns. Yates Buffalo PRO Weed’n’Feed also comes in a concentrate, which can be diluted and easily applied via a sprayer or watering can.


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