There’s nothing like fresh home grown herbs to add flavour, colour and pizazz to your cooking. Chives are a great perennial herb to have on hand throughout the year. During the warmer months they add a mild onion flavour to salads, bruschetta and dips and during the cooler months they’re delicious in dishes like sun dried tomato & chive potato mash, quiche, pasta and pumpkin & chive soup. They also add a dash of bright green and their pretty purple bee- attracting flowers are also edible.

Yates Chives can be sown from spring through to autumn in cool and temperate areas (all year round in warm climates) and will grow into a 20 – 30 cm tall clump of fine, dark green leaves. The seed can be sown 5 mm direct where the plants are to grow, in a sunny or partly shaded garden bed or pot. Seed takes up to 21 days to germinate, so be patient and keep the soil or potting mix moist.

To promote lots of fragrant and tasty chive foliage, feed regularly with Yates Thrive® Vegie & Herb Liquid Plant Food, which is rich in nitrogen to promote leafy green growth. You can start harvesting individual leaves after around 8 weeks. Continuous picking will help promote fresh new growth.

Design tip: chives can be grown as a decorative (and edible) garden border.

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