Make Your Own Valentines Day Gift

A potted scented rose makes a beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day and will last for years. Plant it into a beautiful container to create the complete heart melting look.

Here are some tips for caring for your potted rose, to keep your Valentine happy!

  • Liquid fertilisers are an excellent way to feed potted roses. When used each week they provide a regular supply of nutrients to help keep roses flourishing. Potassium fortified Yates Thrive Roses and Flowers Liquid Plant Food provides the right combination of nutrients to promote healthy foliage and encourage lots of gorgeous flowers.
  • Trim spent flowers from roses. This will help keep the plant tidy and promote more flowers.
  • Keep an eye out for pests and diseases, which can ruin both leaves and flowers. A quick spray of Yates Rose Shield will control the most common insect pests and diseases on roses.
  • Potted roses can dry out quickly in hot summer weather, so make sure to water them regularly. The best way to see whether they have enough moisture is to lightly scratch into the surface with your finger. If the potting mix feels moist and some sticks to your finger, leave watering for another day or two. If it feels dry or dusty, it’s time to give the rose a drink. If you see water pooling on the soil surface or the soil remains dry even after watering, it’s time to apply some wetting agent.
  • Yates Waterwise™ Soil Wetter will help break down the waxy, water repellent layer that can develop on potted plants and helps gets water down into amongst the roots where it’s needed.


February tips for rose lovers

If you gave your roses a ‘summer prune’ in January then you’ll soon start to see a wonderful flush of new leaves and flower buds.

All that lovely fresh growth can attract sap sucking insect pests like aphids. Aphids are tiny black, brown, grey or green insects that can distort new leaves and weaken rose bushes as they feast on the sap.

Aphids are easy to control with a quick spray of Yates Rose Shield, which targets the aphids you can see as well as the aphids that are hiding in amongst the leaves and stems.

Yates Rose Shield will also control caterpillars and mites (which are particularly common during hot dry conditions) and diseases like black spot, rust and powdery mildew, to help keep your rose bushes healthy and beautifully blooming well into autumn. 

Weekly applications of easy to use Yates Thrive Roses & Flowers Liquid Plant Food will help support new foliage and flower growth.

It’s a complete and balanced liquid fertiliser that has been boosted with extra flower promoting potassium. And spreading a layer of mulch, like sugar cane, lucerne or pea straw around the root zone will help keep the soil moist and protect the top soil from baking sun.

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