Heavenly hardenbergias

Hardenbergia is family of tough Australian native, predominantly climbing plants which often go by the common names of native or false sarsaparilla, native wisteria or purple coral pea. They are low maintenance plants that have beautiful pea shaped flowers in shades of purple, mauve, white or pink during winter and into spring. 


There are some beautiful Hardenbergia varieties available, including ‘Regent’ which is a specially chosen form of hardenbergia that grows as an upright rounded shrub rather than a climber. It’s a hardy plant that grows to around 1m tall with large leathery leaves and attractive purple pea flowers. The flowers appear in spring and stand erect amongst the leaves and will attract birds, butterflies and bees into the garden. ‘Regent’ can be grown in sub-tropical, temperate and cool zones, does best in full sun, tolerating a wide range of soil types. Plants respond well to pruning which should be carried out immediately after flowering.

Other hardenbergias include ‘Happy Duo™’ which is a gorgeous combined planting of purple ‘Happy Wanderer™’ together with white ‘Free’n Easy’. It can be grown as a climber or ground cover and the flowers are a magnet for bees.

Australian native plants like hardenbergias can be given a feed each spring and autumn with Yates® Dynamic Lifter® Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser, which gently releases organic nutrients to promote healthy hardenbergia growth and lots of lovely flowers. Yates Dynamic Lifter will also add rich organic matter to the soil, which improves the quality of the soil and attracts beneficial earthworms and soil microorganisms.

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