Summer Stone Fruit


Stone fruit summer disease control

Stone fruit such as peaches and nectarines can be susceptible to diseases like shot hole, freckle rust and brown rot. These diseases can infect the leaves, reducing tree health or affect and destroy the fruit. Diseases can be particularly severe during and after periods of wet weather or high humidity and the risk of brown rot increases as the fruit matures.

Yates® Mancozeb Plus is an effective broadspectrum fungicide that can be used to control diseases like brown rot on late maturing varieties.

Spray the tree thoroughly, when the buds are swelling, every 3 weeks until 2 weeks before harvest.

Reminder – if stone fruit diseases are a problem in your garden this year, pop a note in your gardening diary for blossom time next spring, as starting a spray routine with Yates® Mancozeb Plus in spring will help reduce summer disease levels.


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