January rose pruning

Be doubly rewarded by giving your roses a summer prune – a second flush of beautiful blooms in autumn and less pruning work come winter.

Winter is traditionally the time to give roses a thorough prune, however great results can be achieved by also pruning roses in summer. Not only does it promote a fresh flush of new growth and flowers, it also helps to reduce the amount of pruning needed in winter.

Rose pruning can appear slightly daunting, with thorny stems trying to attack you and not knowing exactly how to go about it. So what’s the easiest way to summer prune roses? Remove around a third of all the growth. Don’t worry about which way the buds are facing, just prune! Sharp secateurs will really help the pruning go smoothly – there’s nothing worse than battling with rusty old and blunt secateurs.

Fiskars has a great pair of secateurs called the ‘Quantum Pruner’ which can cut through stems up to 2.5cm diameter.

Great for cutting through tough old rose stems! It has sharp, precision-ground blades, a rust resistant, low friction blade coating to make pruning easier, tough all-natural cork handle pads to reduce weight and create a comfortable grip and the blade tension can be adjusted to your hand strength and pruning needs.

After pruning, it’s an ideal opportunity to give roses a summer clean up spray with Yates® Lime Sulfur, to control the sap sucking pest two spotted mite (which is very common during hot summer weather) and also the diseases rust and powdery mildew. Apply Yates Lime Sulfur at the lower (non-winter) dilution rate and spray the pruned rose thoroughly.

And to encourage the new leaves and flowers that will develop after the summer prune, feed each week with Yates® Thrive® Roses & Flowers Liquid Plant Food. It’s rich in potassium to enourage lots of autumn flowers, which will arrive in around 6 – 7 weeks time.


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