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How do you kill webbing caterpillars?

(the webbing caterpillar has been identified by the local nursery). Is it controllable? Two of the plants have died.

Australian Natives • Pests

Hi Debbie,

I am sorry to hear that your natives have been attacked by the webbing caterpillar. I think the best way of destroying this pest is by early detection. They tend to attack the young new growth by webbing the leaves together and hiding within. It might be wise to check your plants as often as you can and prune off these affected leaves. You can apply a product called Yates Success Ultra. It works by both contact and ingestion. The problem is once the leaves have been webbed together it is difficult for the product to contact the pest. When the pest consumes the leaves that have been sprayed, it will have an effect on their digestive system and eventually kill them. Apply the product in the cool of the early morning or late evening. As I mentioned before, early detection and removal is the best way.



Answered: 21 Apr, 2012

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