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How do I get rid of black soot on my leptospermums?

thers a black soot on my leptospermums what is it can i get rid of before it kills them

Australian Natives • Pests

Dear Robin,

The black soot on your Leptospermums is likely to be Sooty Mould. Sooty Mould is a fungi which covers the leaves of the plant in a black sticky substance. In almost all cases, the Sooty Mould is secondary to an infestatin of insects that secrete honeydew. Some of these insects being scale, mealybugs, aphids. Treating the insects will remove the source of the honeydew and dry up the Sooty Mould , which will eventually fall or wash off the foliage. The mould itself does not feed on the plant, however as it covers the leaf surface, it is blocking light and reducing photosynthesis, essential for plant growth. Inspect your plant to see if any of these pests are still present and spray the plant with PestOil. The PestOil will suffocate the pest as well as helping to lift the Sooty Mould off the surface of the leaf.



Answered: 11 Aug, 2019

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