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How do I get rid of Mole crickets from my raised veggie gdns. This lot came from 1 bed, 2.4mtr x 1.2mts x 400

I have 10 beds and they are all like this. I am sure they are also destroying my Sir Walter lawn area (adjacent to the veggie beds)

Lawns • Pests

Hello Gary, that is a lot of Mole Crickets! In your lawn, you can use 'Baythroid Advanced Insect Killer for Lawns' for the control of insect pests including Mole Crickets, Ants and Grasshoppers. You can learn more about this product here:

Unfortunately for your veggie beds, we don't have anything registered for use in edible gardens. You can trap them in these areas - laying out sacks overnight as a hiding place and exposing them in the morning. You can also heavily water beds to bring them to the surface for hand removal. You might also like to consider having some frogs and lizards around - both excellent natural predators for mole crickets. 



Answered: 16 Feb, 2022

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