Will Yates Natures Way Caterpillar Killer Dipel control fungus gnats in my potted gotu kola

I have fungus gnats in my pots of gotu kola which I eat. Will Yates Caterpillar Killer Dipel Natures Way work?


03 July 2019 05:53 AM

Dear Catriona,

Nature's Way Caterpillar Killer, Dipel is only registered to control caterpillar. Fungus gnats are more interested in organic matter and tend to feed on fungi mainly. You may have to keep the pots not so wet as the moist potting mix is what is attracting the fungus gnats. It is probably a good idea to keep the gotu kola on the drier side as it does tend to die down a little during the winter months and won't need so much moisture. I am sure once the potting mix dries out a little the fungus gnats will fly off and disappear.

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