What's the best way to use the Yates mini greenhouse?

I received one of those 2 tier mini greenhouses ($29 in Bunnings - frame with two shelves and a plastic pvc cover for which the door can roll up and be tied open) as a gift. I wasn't able to find much information on the internet but I found a photo of one which I have included. Where should I put it? What should I use it for? How should I use it? I enjoy growing vegetables, sunflowers and annual flowers but I'm relatively new to gardening. I live close to the ocean on a regular suburban block in Perth Western Australia. Thank you very much in advance for your advice!!


15 November 2012 05:21 AM

Hi Jenny,

You could start off with some seedling trays with some seed raising mix that is well drained. Try sowing seed of some easy to grow plants like your sunflowers and some easy to grow herbs like basil and parsley. Make sure you don't over water your new seeds. You need to place the greenhouse in an area where its not going to blow over, probably start with a a few manageable things rather than lots and lots depending on how much time you have. I hope this helps and best of luck - we'd love to see your progress.

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