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How do I control cluster caterpillar infestation in my garden?

I'm in perth and have rarely had much garden problem . I have a huge caterpillar infestation and they are eating / destroying every plant type in the garden. I researched online and it seems to be Cluster Caterpillar infestation.They are destroying everything - any advise on eradication? most of my plants are half eaten and one patch is completely gone. I am picking up as many as possible and killing them as I find but its not helping. Have added a picture, its of a brown one but there is also green ones similarly with dots on top.

General Advice • Pests

This is a photo of the Lawn Army worm which attacks lawns as well as other plants. Yates Baythroid, Lawn Grub and Insecticide is registered for the control of this lawn grub.



Answered: 13 Apr, 2013

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