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Does Yates Caterpillar Killer kill Spit Fire Caterpillars

will yates caterpillar killer kill spit fire caterpillars? (black furry ones) thanks

General Advice • Pests

Hi Alessio,

We would suggest that you use a contact insecticide called Yates Baythroid, Lawn Grub and Insecticide. This product is a fast acting contact synthetic pyrethroid with long lasting residual when applied at a low dose. The eggs of this sawfly are deposited in slits in the leaves. After hatching, the larvae remain together in a group on the branch. It is possible to prune off the branch and dispose of them but wear a pair of gloves and be careful when handling these creatures.



Answered: 9 Apr, 2013

We also plant seeds in the heads of gardeners

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