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I want to start growing flowers by seed but I am a novice. I have a seed tray with venting holes but it doesnt

say how to use them. Please help??

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Hello Colleen, seed trays with venting holes (or slits or ridges) are designed to allow for a more natural root system - and you can use them in the same way you would use a regular seed raising tray. Holes/slits are also there to allow for drainage and air-circulation which can assist in reducing the chance of fungal issues like damping off. 

Use them as you would regular seed raising trays - simply fill with a good quality seed raising mix (like "Yates Seed Raising Mix", which you can find more about here:, and follow the instructions on the pack as to how deep to plant your seeds, or any other special instructions (eg: they need to be cold stratified, heat treated first etc). Most seeds you purchase from a nursery, you can simply sprinkle across your mix, lightly cover with your seed raising mix, and water in! Keep in a warm spot, and keep moist (don't allow them to dry out). 



Answered: 15 Jun, 2022

We also plant seeds in the heads of gardeners

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