Why is the new growth on my lemon tree straggly even though it produces lots of heavy fruit

Basically it is straggly. I have once before cut off all the this weak branches to encourage stable strong growth, but the new growth was straggly again??


05 October 2012 10:54 PM

Hi Shelley,

It does seem strange for the branches of your lemon tree to be so week and thin especially as you have already given it a hard prune. Lemon trees normally produce their own structure quite naturally. Your tree appears to be strong enough as it is obviously producing quite a lot of fruit. You don't say how old your tree is but I would continue to make sure your tree is fertilised twice a year with a good quality citrus food. If it is under 3 years of age, remove a lot of the fruit so there is less burden on the tree. It is important for the tree to establish a good strong root system in the early stages of development and then hopefully stronger branches will develop. Keep taking good care of your tree and I am sure it will mature into a strong, good fruit bearing tree.

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